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What is a Panic Room and Why Might Someone Need One?

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In the event of an attack such as a home invasion a safe room can offer a place for residents to hide from intruders, or to stay out of the way of police who come to resolve the issue. The most basic form of a panic room is a simple closet with the standard door replaced by an exterior grade solid core, safety door that has a deadbolt and strike-plate screws to resist battering. More advanced saferooms may have walls that have been reinforced with steel, Kevlar or bullet-resistant materials.

They will also have a safety or security door. If you are entering a panic room you will not have time for an access code, so it is important that the room is secured with a security door that is easily lockable from the inside.

High end safe rooms can also contain communications equipment so that members of law enforcement can be contacted. There may also be a monitor for external security cameras so the people inside can see what is happening outside the safe room. The safe room can be hidden behind many household features such as mirrors, bookcases or wardrobes.

Where to Position a Panic Room

Accessibility is essential when planning where to put a panic room. If an intruder enters your home whilst you a sleeping, a panic room in the basement would be useless, therefore you should carefully think about where a suitable place is to build one. It should be a place you can easily and quickly get to, without running the risk of bumping into them. It often makes sense to build them upstairs as intruders are more likely to enter from downstairs and so you will be far away from them. Furthermore, you may want to consider reinforcing an existing room in your house, such as a bathroom or a walk-in wardrobe. This saves space in comparison to building a dedicated panic room from scratch.

Who Might Need a Panic Room?

A panic room can be useful for any residents who want to avoid contact with intruders, but they are particularly recommended for; high net worth individuals, exposed persons from politics, society, busines or religious backgrounds, judges and prosecutors and persons who are in official personal protection. Additionally, if you have previously been on the receiving and of a burglary or violent attack you may want to consider a panic room for your peace of mind. Our team of designers are always happy to assist with design so your panic room will look like a standard cosy room.


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