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How Security Doors Increase Your Home Value

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Your home is probably your most expensive investment, it is the place you live, raise your family and should feel the safest. During the lockdown, we became a nation of doers; in fact, it is estimated that over two-fifths of the country were using this time to improve their home. Many invested their time in the garden, gave the rooms a new lick of paint, changed their furniture and even hired professionals to add an extension to their property. This has been great for those looking for tasks to do, getting to the jobs they’ve been meaning to do for months or realising you need more space since everyone has been at home but for others, the uncertainty of this time is rife and finding ways to increase the value of your home is just a smart decision. 

Whether you are looking to lucratively sell your house or to give yourself choices by adding additional value to your property, have you considered the answer may be down to your home security measures?

Well, we’ve all been at home, so it’s been one less thing to worry about, right? NO!

Implementing proper security measures for your home is one of the most important and basic requirements for home and family safety and there are ways to do it that work to protect while also being a sound investment for your future.

As the summer months wash away, some basic inevitabilities remain; the nights are drawing in earlier, the temperatures begin to drop and British summertime ends making room for winter to settle in. And, although this year has not gone according to any of our plans, some fundamental facts remain true; the longer nights mean a need to increase your home security.

This unprecedented year has meant more of us have been at home, a lot and for many, it’s the first time the whole family has spent such concentrated periods together. Whilst it has been nice to have everyone safe at home, the combination of businesses reopening, the recession hitting and the severe rise in unemployment means unpredictable times when you might be home alone with the children for the first time all year.

While many of us grapple to find new jobs to provide for our families, the reality may be leaving them more vulnerable in the house. According to the Metropolitan Police, between 2018 and July 2020 approximately 150,926 burglaries and 69,699 robberies occurred in the London area; the perpetrators target both residential and businesses all over the capital. The figures, though dropped during the early stages of lockdown, are now starting to creep back up. But what has changed?

  • We have started leaving the house again

Many are physically going back to work, children are gearing up to get back to school and there seem to be more people back out and about again; criminals often like to see routine in homes they want to invade, it provides them with opportunities.

  • It’s that time of year

Has anyone else noticed that it’s starting to get darker, earlier these days? The sun is only going to set earlier and earlier as we bound towards the clocks changing in October, with this change comes advantages for criminals through dark rooms, less lit areas and even less security in the home, criminals can get in and out of your home in minutes whether you are home or not. 

  • Your circumstances have changed

There may not be as many of you at home anymore, with work commencing and the unemployment figures raising finding a job might take you away from home for longer periods making your home and those still there more exposed to break-ins

It’s scary to think how easily people can get into your home; often by trying a door or window an intruder might be lucky to get in.

Getting properly installed security doors not only protects you and your family whether you are home or not but by adding certified security doors you are increasing the curb appeal on your property making the potential for a more successful sale a guarantee. Buyers want to know they are buying better than before and with a feature such as built-in home security that is versatile, selling a home with protection like this is incredibly attractive. Speaking of attractiveness, the plethora of aesthetic options for the door makes it a perfect addition to the décor in your home, so there is no need to compromise on style or safety.

But it doesn’t end there, you can actually save money; adding professional security doors to your house reduces your home insurance costs; the nature of the doors means you are increasing your security measures thus needing less cover for the home. But that is not where it stops; your utility bills can take a massive cut too.

With powerful locking mechanisms, built-in reinforcements, hinge bolts and anti-drill capabilities the security door has attributes that will make any deterrent think twice about home invasions. These custom-fitted doors are designed according to your needs.

We have all been reminded of the importance of feeling safe at home during this recent time of uncertainty. Whether you live alone, are a single parent with children or feel vulnerable in any way, protect your home, protect yourself, and protect your loved ones with security doors that work.

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