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Replacing Windows or Doors of Your Listed Building

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Many historic buildings feature original windows and doors that have survived for generations and add beauty and character to the property. Therefore, having them repaired or replaced can be a sensitive issue, and should be carefully deliberated. Care must be taken to gain the appropriate consent, or you run the risk of being on the wrong side of the law. Nevertheless, there are a number of reasons you may want the original windows or doors replaced. Old windows and doors can be energy inefficient and uneconomical. They can also be harder to make secure against break-ins and so you may want to replace them with security windows or security doors. So, if you are sure that replacing the old windows and doors is the right choice for you, what are the next steps?

Applying for Planning Consent

Replacing or upgrading the windows or doors of your listed building is difficult but not impossible. Listed buildings are protected under the 1990 Planning Act, so to replace the windows or doors you will need to request planning permission in the form of consent from the local authority before you carry out any work. You can get this consent by applying to the National Planning Portal or by downloading the consent form from your local authority.

Getting this consent is non-negotiable, as carrying out unauthorised works to a listed building is a criminal offence which could lead to prosecution. Furthermore, if you complete the work without the necessary permission the local authority can insist you reverse the work at your own expense. The most important factor to consider is that the conservation acts are about managing change, not altogether preventing it. When you are writing your proposal, you should bear this in mind.

Actioning the Change

If you are planning to straight switch something such as Georgian sliding casement windows for standard double glazing this would be instantly rejected. However, if the change is to upgrade a window or door that already exists, but is broken or rotten, the change could be approved. This might include, for example, replacing old doors or windows that don’t offer much protection against break ins for new security doors or security windows.

In such instances it is important that the new security doors or security windows are designed tastefully and are in keeping with the original style. To get the change approved you would have to submit technical drawings to the local authority. To make this process easier for you, you should think about choosing a door and window company who thoroughly understands the legalities around changing features of listed properties.

Our team is always happy to assist with applications. We have a great experience working with listed buildings and councils.


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