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Key Advantages of Choosing Steel Doors For Your Property

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Every year, more and more homeowners are taking extra precautions when it comes to the safety of their property, their family and their valuables.

With many security measures available than ever before, it can be difficult to know what the right choice for you is.

Steel doors are built with the homeowner in mind; bespoke capabilities, stronghold material and a secure locking system that can give anyone the reassurance they need to sleep well at night.

Still not convinced?

Here are the key advantages to choosing steel door for your home, office or workspace:

Locking System

High quality steel doors are fitted with a 3-point locking system and a standard security door has 16 pins to enable a more secure locking for your piece of mind and protection while the strength of the door adds an unparalleled level of security for your home. The Italian brand locks have been created using an anti-drill material for extra safety measures.


Getting a steel door installed as your front door, doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style; with multiple colour options including bespoke colour matches to suit the look of your home, you can choose from a matt or gloss finish so your door isn’t just a high level security measure, but it looks great too.


These doors are built to secure your home, and they are also built to last. Meticulously designed to withstand fierce weather conditions or potential break-ins, our steel doors are robust, and long lasting. The EDM (extra durable material) allows the paint to last longer on the door, and the bearings from the hinges allow you to easily open and close the door.

More than Security

Getting a steel door installed in your home is one of the best ways to secure your property. The powerful strength of the metal means you are not just protecting against intruders or criminals, but the doors are also fire resistant and are fitted with tailor made locks for additional safety, are wind-proof, insulated and protect against external noise too.


Installation time is no more than 1 day, and if you are worried about planning permission for listed buildings or conservation areas, we can reproduce the same authentic design for your doors to suit the requirements of the council/community. Our doors are tailored according to your needs. With a standard 1-year warranty, protecting your home has never been easier.


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