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How Window Locks Increase Home Security

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When a burglar is attempting to enter your home, it will be through the front or back door, or a first-floor window. One study conducted by UNC Charlotte ( found that most burglars were reported entering open windows, or forcing them to open to gain entrance to a property. You may already have an alarm system, motion sensors and door or window sensors, and solid metal doors, but if a potential intruder can easily crack a window open and gain entry then you’ve lost your battle already. Security windows can be an excellent deterrent as they make criminals, thieves or burglars think twice before breaking into a property.

Types of Window Locks

Your windows may already have locks, but burglars break into properties for a living and are often very adept at picking locks, so additional aftermarket locks can enhance your window security to the highest level. The type of lock that’s best for you will depend on the type of window you have.

  • Pin locks: These are recommended for ground floor windows, and they can prevent intruder from lifting your windows.
  • Keyed locks: These locks obviously require keys to get them open and closed, you will need to keep track of the keys for these. This type of lock can also be great if you have children and want to stop them from being able to open the windows.
  • Hing wedge locks: If you have a double hung window, that is one that can be opened from the bottom or the top, you will want a hinged wedge lock. You can adjust this type of lock so you can open the window only partially, you will just need the lock installed higher on the frame of the window to enable this.
  • Sash locks: These may also be referred to as latch locks. They are used for casement or double hung windows. They are an old type of lock and are not the most secure, with an amount of force it could be broken open. However, they are often used as they suit the style of the window. If you want to preserve the aesthetic of your sash window and want to use sash locks, we would recommend also pairing this with a window alarm.

If you live in an old property with antique windows you may have a struggle finding locks that suit your window type; often old homes are targeted by burglars as the windows are easier to enter, so you will need to find another way of deterring criminals. Read on to find out some of these ways.

Other Ways to Burgle Proof Your Windows

On top of window locks there are a number of other ways to make your windows security windows.

  • Window sensors: If you already have a burglar alarm or home security system you might already have window sensors. If not, you could get these installed, they will alert you if the a window has been opened.
  • Tempered glass: This type of glass is four times stronger than annealed glass and when it is used in windows, they become security windows. This type of glass is much harder to break, and when broken it will crumble instead of forming jagged pieces. Due to its strength burglars will often give up trying to break it as they do not want to
  • Cameras: Adding security cameras is a great deterrent as no criminal wants to be caught on camera. If you are shopping around for security cameras it is worth investing in one that has night vision, and it is HD.
  • Security Bars: These are an excellent deterrent as they form a barrier around the window which makes it impossible to enter without cutting the metal. They can also look in keeping with old style houses.

Better Windows Mean Better Security

Since this article is about security windows it is worth sharing with you the windows, we think are the most secure. A casement window is considered by most professionals to be the most secure. A casement window is a single panel window that swings open in one direction, when it is closed it is very difficult to break into as there are no panels for an intruder to grab and pull open.

No matter what type of security windows you choose, it is always worth installing a number of security measures for extra peace of mind; think about whether you would like alarms, metal doors or steel doors or security cameras. It’s impossible to prevent yourself from burglary 100%, but if you use a number of deterrents you are likely to discourage any potential burglar from attempting to enter your home or building. If you would like to find out more about security windows, or doors, we are here to help formulate a security solution with you.


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